The ComicBookHour Launches Power-Ups: Vilified

The ComicBookHour community, most well known for their weekly Twitter chat, have launched a collaboration event for creators called Power-Ups: Vilified. The event will see creators from all over the world joining together to create four-page comics that will be compiled together to create an anthology.

ComicBookHour founder Jamie Me said in the release:

We have this amazing presence on Twitter with ComicBookHour, and we also have an extremely well-made forum that can host any kind of event imaginable. It makes perfect sense to start doing collaboration events, so we decided to do an anthology with a twist.

The twist Me is referring to is the unique license structure the Power-Ups anthology uses. All creators that are accepted into the project get a license to sell the full comic once it is completed. Since ComicBookHour announced this new model other anthologies are already adopting the method.

Me added:

The grassroots of the comic industry need some serious changes. We need more platforms where new creators can team up, create something and then use it to promote themselves while earning a profit from it. ComicBookHour is a large voice in the comic industry for indie comics, and we can use our platform to empower new creators.

If you are reading this article and would like to get more information on the Power-Ups collaboration event, as a creator or reader, you can click this link here for more details. The deadline to find a team and complete a four-page comic is September 17th, 2017.

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