Review: Spider-Men II #1

The moment five years in the making is finally here! The first time Peter Parker and Miles Morales met ended with a question – WHO IS THE MILES MORALES OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE?! Now that the Miles you know and love is with Peter in the Marvel Universe, you’re finally going to get that answer to who the OTHER Miles Morales is! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Comics can be engaging and challenging and at other times they can be straight up fun. Spider-Men II, like the first mini-series, is in that latter category, not challenging the reader but instead allowing you to just read and enjoy the moments.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sara Pichelli, this story will give us some answers that I’ve been waiting for as well as allowing us to see these two webslingers team up to do what they do best… make lots of fun quips and deliver web swinging action and this issue delivers on both.

We’re quickly introduced to a mystery that brings the two heroes together and in doing so gives us a hell of a lot of questions. We’ve seen in other series the mystery of what happened to the “Ultimate Universe” has been touched upon and here too we’re left with a question as to its fate.

While it might be helpful to have read the original event, mainly for that plot point directly above, one doesn’t need to as this first issue does a solid job of catching new readers up. It also does a solid job of delivering some entertaining moments for not just Peter but Miles. Here Miles takes the spotlight which feels like the flipside of the first volume and since the mystery of who the 616 Miles is, is at the center of this, it’s appropriate he gets center stage. And it’s done so in a fantastic way full of humor and entertainment and most importantly emphasizing he’s a teenage kid balancing this weird life.

The art is fantastic as expected. Pichelli is one of the best artists to handle Spider-Man and have loved this artwork for some time. There’s absolutely no flaw there with a fresh vibrancy about it all that matches the story and that is helped through the coloring, inking, etc., it just all comes together perfectly.

This might feel like a cash in but it doesn’t feel that way when read. I’d take this type of series over a lot of the recent Spider event stories as there’s just something fun about it all and while it feels epic it also doesn’t feel over the top. Add in the humor and banter and you’ve got a first issue that just nails it.

Story: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Sara Pichelli
Story: 8.0 Art: 10 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review