Check Out the Slab-Pro’s Invisible Comic Shield

I’m always interested in new ways to store and display comics and this one came across our inbox and has me intrigued.

Slab-Pro‘s Invisible Comic Shields are desribed as “an amazing way to View, Inspect, and Protect both sides of your comic books.” The boards are the best of both worlds, offering what traditional slabs and backing boards can’t do alone. Invisible Comic Boards provide a crystal-clear, see-through backing board, with protection for both sides of the comic, just like a slab.

The bullet points are:

  • Acid-free, archival quality.
  • Ultra rigid 40 mil thick.
  • Modern and Silver Age sizes.
  • Reusable and last forever!
  • Excellent for wraparound art and wall books!

Slab-Pro was founded in 2001 with the goal of offering the finest protection and display products for Comic Book Collectibles. Since debuting their original silicone bumper for graded comics, Slab-Pro has expanded its line to a wide range of products, including Comic Portfolios, UV Protectors, and now Invisible Comic Shield comic boards. Slab-Pro’s mission is to protect, enhance and display your graded and ungraded books!

We’ll have some samples to check out ourselves so stay tuned!