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Meet Gemini Comix and Sergei the Spider!

Gemini Comix is a new publishing company in Madison, Wisconsin who’s about to introduce the world to a man who is the product of a soviet eugenics program gone wrong and touched by Celtic mysticism! Of course, he’s also out to save the world from the horrors of climate change! And those are just two of the things that makes “Sergei the Spider” so intriguing. There are thousands upon thousands of comic book fans in the world who will want to know more about what makes “Sergei the Spider” tick.

Gemini Comix has released a free three-page preview of Sergei the Spider #1, where readers got their first look at Sergei, a brutal man who is much more a spider than human being. The series is written, penciled, and inked by Rob Severson, and colored and lettered by A.C. Tyler. The preview introduces readers to the star of their flagship title and tease them with a snippet from Sergei’s compelling story; one that will be explained in full detail when the full 20-page comic book is released on May 22.

There are some very powerful people who don’t like Sergei’s transformation, however, and those familiar people include politicians in charge of some of the most powerful countries in the planet. People like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, who both will appear in Sergei the Spider’s first four issues. So is Sergei a Progressive or a Conservative? Severson isn’t saying but his smile seems to indicate readers will be entertained by the answer. Severson says he’s also very excited about revealing Sergei’s super powers to the world.

Sergei is the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong. DNA from a jumping spider was injected into Sergei’s father’s cells as part of a eugenics experiment in the early 1980’s.  While this program failed to yield desired results to the direct subjects, in Sergei’s case (and perhaps others?), the OFFSPRING of the subject inherited the abilities.  Sergei grows up with parents who realize their son is different from other children from day one.  He could jump and run by six months, he has what appears to be moles on his neck, which are actually spider eyes! But most creepily, one day his parents notice him talking baby talk to a spider on the sidewalk and it seems as if the spider is paying attention. That’s the beginning of their realization that Sergei needed to be hidden until he could be eased into Ukrainian society.