TV Review: The Flash S3E20 I Know Who You Are

The Flash Season 2Team Flash meets a scientist who may be the key to stopping Savitar, but is forced into a battle with Killer Frost.

The Flash ended last episode with a mission to find the scientist Tracy Brand who may be a key into stopping Savitar. This episode is a cat and mouse to try to protect her and at the same time give her the confidence to take on her mission.

That aspect is rather boring as the back and forth attacks and threats feel predictable and hashed out. Killer Frost provides the majority of that aspect as she attacks again and again in a way that feels like the series is seeing how many different ways they can freeze something or throw icicles across the screen. It feels like a redux of previous episodes but just with different players.

But, the real draw of the episode is the reveal of who Savitar is. The eventual reveal leaves little surprise as the clues have been dropped hard, especially in this episode. And due to that, it all feels like a let down. The season has built to that reveal and in the end it’s no way near as exciting as the reveal of Zoom or Reverse Flash in previous seasons. Those two kept me guessing and here that mystery feels like it was a bit more obvious and foreshadowed. The emotional impact is gone.

The reveal though opens up interesting opportunities and moral quandaries since saving Iris is so simple at this point. We’ll see if the series explores this at all or just throttles ahead for the eventual race that’ll decide her fate and Savitar’s.

The episode also reveals various identities a bit too easily. The series as a whole feels like it’s at a point where everyone will know who’s behind the mask and on Team Flash. It’s a reveal that’s bloated and feels like it’s commonplace.

The episode was needed, but doesn’t mean it’s all that good are surprising. A let down in what’s been a decent season.

Overall Rating: 7.05