TV Review: Riverdale S1E11 Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again

riverdaleAlice wants Betty to help with the Jason Blossom investigation; Jughead wonders if it’s the right time to give his father another chance; Fred and Mary attend the homecoming dance.

Riverdale is bright lights and music with the homecoming dance as the first season begins to wind down with just a few episodes left and that means we still need to find out who killed Jason.

This episode is focused on that with various characters doing their best Scooby Doo to try find out who killed Jason and maybe we’ve gotten an answer by the end of the episode? Or, is someone setting him up?

There’s lots of feints in this episode, especially for the ending, and we as viewers still wonder exactly what’s up. What’s interesting though is this episode emphasizes the history of everyone’s parents and that at one point they too were in the same positions as their sons and daughters and were friends and dating. We get more of that here and what I think is one of the strongest aspects of the series is that layering reminding us of the history of everyone.

The episode is a good one. It’s entertaining. There’s good acting. The plotting is solid in its pacing and how things play out. The episode hits all the beats and does what it needs to do which is throttle us towards the final few episodes of the series in the coming weeks. This is the set up before the series ending spike and in that sense and as a part of the whole, it’s a great addition to this series.

“To Riverdale and Back Again” is a fantastic episode in that it has an almost complete focus on the bigger murder mystery but throughout it reminds us that the parents of Riverdale are as much stars and vital parts of the story as their kids.

Overall Rating: 8.55

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