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Take Part in the 2016 Freelance Comic Creator Survey

I’m proudly partnering with Heidi MacDonald of The Beat to launch a yearly survey to find out freelance rates for those in the comic book industry. This project launched after discussions with comic freelancers and we worked with them for a comprehensive survey that will yield actual information that we can make conclusions about.

The survey is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS and absolutely no individual information will be shared.

The hope is to find real information that helps benefit creators as spotlighting information like this and bringing it into the public helps. Keeping it secret only benefits publishers.

You can fill out the survey below or through this link. Please only fill it out once (it’ll ask it if you want to take it again and that’s because otherwise it wouldn’t be anonymous!).

In an age of fake news and opinion, help us report actual facts that benefits the industry!


  • USA biased. A lot of comic workers aren’t USA residents. Benefits and healthcare questions are none of your business.

  • We’ve had lots of individuals who have taken the survey from around the world. The questions are worded in a way so there isn’t bias. Creators from outside the US were shown the survey for their input before it was launched.

    If you have specific suggestions or examples we are more than happy for input. Negativity with no examples isn’t helpful.

    Healthcare is also helpful in that this is an industry where there’s creators who literally have to rely on a charity to meet their healthcare needs (the Hero Initiative). Finding out more about this aspect allows other creators to know what’s common and uncommon compared to their peers.