Peter David Needs Our Help

Writer Peter David has gone to his website asking for help as he’s gotten himself into a financial situation and needs help pulling himself out of it.

As he recounts on the post years ago he was solid financially as his television series Space Cases was going and he was smart about it and put money away in the bank to send to the IRS on April 15th. Due to a divorce that financial solvency dried up.

Doing the right thing David attempted to make arrangements with the IRS to pay but this wound up being quicksand and never really worked out.

Unfortunately, the IRS is going after him asking for the money, penalty, and interest to the tune of $88,000.

David is asking individuals to help chip in to pay the bill through his Paypal account which is If you’d like something for your donation you can send a check to hid PO Box, PO Box 951, Bayport, NY 11705 along with books of mine and a SASE and he’ll sign them and send them back.

If you’re a tax lawyer and think you can help, it can’t hurt to get in touch as well.

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