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Review: Harley Quinn #16

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner packed so much girl power into the latest issue of Harley Quinn that it could pass the Bechedel test no problem. Harley Quinn #16 finishes off the alien invader storyline with a bang, well actually something more deadly than a bang. Palmiotti and Conner have our three superheroines serving up some well thought out justice to the shirtless alien who’s been threatening to take over the world for the past few issues. The ladies do this by working together and it is glorious. We also see a bit more of the gentrification vampires in action and it’s scary on a soylent green level, the writers don’t give too much away but they give us just enough of a taste to let us know that it’s not looking too good for NYC homeless population. As an added bonus we get to see more of the future storyline and discover that the desolate city’s number one bat fan is coming after Harley. We got one storyline finished, one in the middle lane, and another that looks exciting as hell on the horizon and I can’t wait to see how this all shakes out.

John Timms and Joseph Michael Lisner (who drops in for a few pages to make some magic in the future story line) serve up some beautiful artwork with such richness and detail that it pulls the readers even further into the amazing story that the writers are telling. There isn’t a line out of place, no cheap trick, just good art that becomes another character in this already rich story.

Overall, I found the story to be emotional, well planned and a great tie-in to the rest of the arc. Many writers would find themselves facing an uphill battle having so many storylines running concurrently in one issue but, ass usual the Palmiotti and Conner team take on this challenge like champs and emerge victorious. There’s bonus points for making Harley and her female squad hella feminist in the process. There’s something truly great about their choice to have other women be the first people that the ladies reach out to when they’re in trouble and there’s  something even greater about the ladies working together to get the job done. I’m also a fan of the small talk and affection that occurs in this issue, there’s some ribbing on Harley from Power Girl but, it’s nothing too harsh and all in good fun. There’s also an acknowledgment that people can change over time and evolve into something new. I loved every panel of this issue and I’m pretty sure that you will too.

Story: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti Art: John Timms and Joseph Michael Lisner
Story: 9.8 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review