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TV Review: The Flash S3E14 Attack on Central City

The Flash Season 2Flash and the team must find a way to stop Grodd and his army of gorillas when Grodd brings the battle to Earth-1; Jesse Quick decides she she wants to stay with Wally on Earth-1.

The Flash continues last week’s episode focused on Grodd with the build up to an attack on Central City, a flip on last week’s attack on Gorilla City.

When we left last week we were left with the idea that the future has been changed because Team Flash stopped Grodd from attacking Earth-1. But, we’re never really given a reason why they should think that. Grodd could attack at some future time. So, yeah, it’s a little weird that they’re happy about it all.

But, as it was clear from the teases Grodd figures out how to hope Earths and attacks. But, in the build up there’s a lot of focus on Team Flash and their happiness. Wally and Jesse talk things over and her staying and telling her father. The two Wells don’t get along. Iris and Barry go all lovey dovey. It’s cute, but when people are happy, you know bad things are about to go down. But, before I get to that, the Wally/Jesse relationship isn’t working for me. There’s a chemistry that’s missing and they feel like friends. Barry and Iris there’s some chemistry despite the damsel in distress Iris plays a lot of the time.

But lets get to Grodd.

Computer generated gorillas actually look good here. We get to see Grodd’s forces, he attempts to use some strategy, though seems to really suck at it (but he’s a genius we’re told!), the fx are cool. The battle itself is really underwhelming. There’s not much as far as action and the day is won through a last minute hail mary that you wonder what would happen if it doesn’t go well. For what should be an amazing battle, it’s all a little underwhelming. We’ve seen better fights between Flash and Zoom for instance, and the gorilla army is wasted.

An episode that should have been one of the strongest of the season is a bit of a let down for me. Too much time is wasted in the build up and the payoff just doesn’t work. The end however, sets up some very interesting things to come.

Overall Rating: 7.05

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