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Alterna Comics is #BringingBackNewsprint

Now entering their 11th year, Alterna is rolling out a single issue lineup that will feature throwback style covers, a new logo, bi-monthly release schedules, prices between $1.00 to $1.99 an issue, and the nostalgic feel of newsprint.

In the release Alterna publisher Peter Simeti explained:

When I fell in love with comics, it was an entire experience: the stories, the imagery, and the paper. There’s a whole generation of comic book creators and readers that had the same exact experience.  I’ve talked to hundreds of people over the years and the consensus was all the same – comic books just don’t feel like comic books anymore.  The smell and feel of the pages is something that no longer occurs on the new comic book day release wall, yet it’s prevalent in back issue bins across the country. Our goal is to create comic books that “feel” like they came straight out of yesteryear but with stories and art that appeals to readers of all generations.

Known for producing the FUBAR series, The Chair (which has been adapted to a film that stars the late Roddy Piper), the IF anthology, Novo, Lilith Dark, Mother Russia, Croak, and many more. Alterna’s lineup has been an eclectic one over the past eleven years, filled mostly with horror, sci-fi, and fantasy graphic novels and digital comics. Alterna’s 2017 plans will expand their focus with the extremely affordable newsprint line at the forefront.


ADAM WRECK #1 of 3 – MAR171248

AMAZING AGE #1 of 5 – MAR171249

CROAK #1 of 3 – MAR171250

LILITH DARK #1 of 4 – MAR171251

To preview the lineup, download this PDF. They also have a special order form for customer use at their favorite shop.