TV Review: The Flash S3E13 Attack on Gorilla City

The Flash Season 2Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Julian head to Earth-2 on a rescue mission to save Harry from Gorilla City; on Earth-1, Jesse and Kid Flash stop some criminals together as Kid Flash admits his feelings for Jesse.

The Flash takes us to Gorilla City in an all-new episode that’s a hell of a lot of fun as team Flash has to deal with Gorilla Grodd. The last we saw, the classic villain was sent to a different world, in this case Earth-2 where Grodd has settled in to Gorilla City and of course is plotting something. Harry is captured, which is what sets our crew on their mission to save him. Grodd tricks Flash to take on the leader of Gorilla City.

Of course all is not as it seems and the episode does a solid job of doing quite a few things.

One, it takes us to Gorilla City and out of all of the Flash rogues, this is the one I was most interested in exploring more. The city is done really well with CGI that’s pretty good considering this is a television show. In fact, I’d say it’s better than a lot of movies. The action is good. The characters are interesting and it feels like classic Grodd.

The second thing that’s done really well is the episode brings into the episode the bigger mission to change the timeline and save Iris. One of the events is attack by Gorilla City, so the episode focuses on that and handles it in smart ways. The adventurers discuss various options and they’re options that actually make sense. When you find yourself yelling at the tv a simple solution and the show addresses it, that’s a good thing.

The third solid is the show focuses on the humor and heart of the series. There’s lots of laughs and the interaction between Kid Flash and Jesse is cute. It feels natural and though the two’s chemistry isn’t the best, it works.

The episode packs in a lot in the episode and absolutely delivers what is an “iconic” reveal in some ways. Gorilla City and the return of Grodd is a big moment for the series and it pays off tying in the bigger storyline in a fun filled, action packed episode.

Overall Rating: 8.05