TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E10 The Legion of Doom

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The legends must find the Spear of Destiny before they can rescue Rip; Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk discover that Thawne is trying to pit them against each other.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow continues with another solid episode after it’s winter break and it’s a fun one focusing on the Legion of Doom and specifically Malcolm and Damien.

Seeing these two play off each other is really entertaining and both chew the scenery for a build up to one hell of a pay off in the final 10 minutes or so of the show. Those final moments are a big payoff for comic fans watching this show debuting the Black Flash! What’s that? Yes, a Flash has debuted on this show before The Flash. What’s the deal? Well, there’s a reason Thawne keeps moving around and that gets explained here.

The Thawne reveal is a good move as it explains the history of the character for those who watch this show but don’t know his history. And, the writers have done all of that in a way that pays off for long time viewers of the whole DC TV options and works for those who are now in the know.

The rest of the show deals with Stein and his daughter… who should not exist… sort of. There’s some heart there and everything plays off decently, but there’s a disconnect emotionally. It’s played too logically with not enough crying, yelling, things you’d expect. The folks on the Wave Rider generally are given the short end of the stick with this episode as its main focus is the Legion of Doom trying to shake down info from Rip.

The episode is good and I’d have preferred it to just focus on the Legion of Doom and nothing else. The three make the case they could be the center of an entire series themselves with great interaction, banter, and what is clearly a good time doing it all.

And that ending!? What’s next? Should be pretty interesting!

Overall Rating: 8.05

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