Wednesday Comic Rally: The Unstoppable Wasp #1

unstoppable_wasp_1_coverIt feels like all too often we’re lamenting how our favorite comic series got canceled due to lack of sales and interest. That’s where Wednesday Comic Rally comes in. The point is to spotlight comics that we as a community should be rallying around and most importantly purchasing to make sure they’re here for quite some time.

And for the first rally cry of the new year, I’m focusing on the brand new The Unstoppable Wasp #1 published by Marvel, written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Elsa  Charretier. There’s a lot of positive chatter about this series going by our site’s Twitter feed, but chatter doesn’t necessarily equal sales, so we need to get out there and buy the comic!

Why this comic? Let me list off my top ten reasons!

  1. Nadia Pym – Raised in an offshoot of the Red Room, Nadia is new to the world of superheroes. But, it’s not just her wide-eyed innocence that’s a draw, it’s a fact she has a positive outlook on things and living life now that she’s free from the clutches of the Red Room. There’s a positive fun about it all that wasps flys off the page.
  2. Female Scientist! – Nadia isn’t just a super suit but is a kick-ass scientist in her own right. That’s a chunk of the comic emphasizing this is a hero who doesn’t just solve things with punching but also her brain.
  3. Real Female Scientists! – At the end of each comic real world female scientists are featured in the letters section. So, not only do you get to see Nadia get all sciency on the page but you also learn about real women out there kicking-ass in the STEM field.
  4. the_unstoppable_wasp__1-1The Art – Elsa Charretier’s art is awesome in the comic. It reminds me a lot of Hawkeye with small notes added to the panels pointing out small details. Want to know what Nadia notices about the joints of a giant robot and she battles it? It’s there! Speaking of giant robots…
  5. Giant Robot!!!! – A battle against a giant robot being piloted by an evil scientist? Check!
  6. Mockingbird and Ms. Marvel – And who’s helping the Wasp fight the robot? That’d be Ms. Marvel and Mockingbird. The issue feels like a perfect “goodbye” to Chelsea Cain’s gone too soon Mockingbird run. There’s even a small f-u to the haters of Cain and the series.
  7. It’s Feminist as Fuck – This comic has no problem taking on the comic patriarchy. There’s a long discussion about scientists in the Marvel Universe and how they’re all male (and mostly white)… until now! The first issue has no problem pointing out problems such as this in Marvel’s history. This series and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are showing why the smartest people at Marvel aren’t all men.
  8. It’s a relatively new character – While The Wasp has been around for decades Nadia Pym is a relatively new character (she debuted last year with an introduction that shows how to introduce new concepts into legacy and decades of continuity). This is her first comic and we need to show that new characters can sell so we get more of them.
  9. It Can Be Enjoyed By All Ages – Young kids will enjoy the robot battle. Teens will enjoy the humor and bonding. Adults will get a lot more of the jokes and enjoy the whole. This is a comic that has something for everyone and you can go back to multiple times to pick up even more detail.
  10. The Ending – Think I’m going to spoil it? Lets just say it’ll ramp up points 2 and 7 all delivered by Charretier’s fantastic art.

This is where you come in. You can buy The Unstoppable Wasp #1 now! It’s available at local comic shops and you can find yours. For those without a local shop you can buy it digitally through comiXology, Kindle, or physical copies at Amazon or Things From Another World.

Have a comic you think we should be rallying around? Send us a message and maybe it’ll be featured in an upcoming post.