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Review: Brik #6

brik-6-marketing_preview-1It’s the final issue in what has been a stellar story arc. Brik has had undertones of some of the best that comic book land had to offer in the eighties. It’s dark, gritty, real and honest. A welcome throwback to when comic books provided social commentary and gave you a glimpse at the world from the perspective of an outsider and often an oppressed group.

Writers Michael Benson and Adam Glass have given us a consistent story that we could get behind, main characters we could root for because of their imperfections, and humanity and villains that we feared and were intrigued by. I hate to see them go but I couldn’t wait to see how they would bring this storyline to a close.

I think that is an issue you need to read for yourself in order to fully appreciate the pure genius and kick ass storytelling that the Brik team has pulled off. Benson and Glass closed out this arc and I’m legit praying that this is just the end of the arc and not the series because I’m hooked, with one hell of a bang. There’s double crosses, sneaky tricks, moral ambiguity, characters not being who you think they are and heroes, or anti-heroes, rising where you least expect them.

Harwinder Singh‘s artwork continues to give us all the grit and realness that’s story like this needs and deserves. Every panel becomes a piece of the tale being told and has the look of a movie story board allowing you to picture things that are happening and suck you into the comic.

There are no gimmicks, cheesy unnecessary plot twists, or unrealistic speeches in this issue. Every panel and word is crafted in a way that evokes emotion but doesn’t feel cheap or manufactured. The story as a whole has evolved organically and it’s nice to see that creators chose to keep that organic style of storytelling when it came to closing out this arc.

There are aha moments that creep up early into (and on the later pages of) this issue but they don’t feel like a trick. The writing leading up to, and inside of, this issue had us so engrossed in the story that yeah we should have seen some of these things coming but we didn’t because we felt like we were a part of the story. There were no tropes or red herrings in this issue, just good old fashioned comic book storytelling and an arc so tight that you got just as wrapped up in it as Sebastian did in the Neverending Story.

Issue #6 not only gave Brik a soul but it gave the story one too and I really hope this isn’t the end of the line because I’m beyond hooked and am open to all of the possibilities that this issue proposed. I even appreciated the epilogue that followed the big showdown between the big bad guy and our reluctant and new hero. I could legit hear the end credit music playing as I looked at the beautiful panels and read the words.

Overall issue #6 ended this arc with a bang and I can’t wait for them to reload the gun and give us another shot!

Story: Michael Benson and Adam Glass Art: Harwinder Singh
Story: 9.8 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.9 Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review