The List of Best of 2016 Lists

Each year we gather the various “Best Of” lists focused on comic books and graphic novels. We’ll have ours on January 1, so as to give everything released in 2015 a chance to make our list. Below is the list of sites (and lists) we have found creating their own.

This list will be constantly updated as new ones are released.

If there’s a list we missed, either comment below, or send us a message in our contact form. Here’s this year’s edition:


  • There are many more best comics lists in my aggregation of online “best books of 2016” lists:

  • I don’t think this list is up to date. Multiversity Comics has done more lists last week itself, including one on writers and ongoing series. Besides, Nothing But Comics has done more lists but you have given only one. These are only about 2 websites and there are so many others out there. I apprehend you might have missed more.
    You are claiming to top out 200+ lists, whereas at this rate, I wonder how will you achieve that? Please give me more lists, I want them to buy more outstanding comics.

    • New lists get added every day and this goes well into January. We’ve done this for five years now. We’ve got it handled and know what we’re doing.

    • And if you think this is “2 websites,” you might want to look again.

      • By ”2 websites”, I meant that you had missed updating more entries for those two websites i had mentioned – Multiversity Comics and Nothing But Comics.

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    • Thanks Rich. Now the new year is over there should be a lot more I can find and add but this helps a lot and will get added over the next day or two!