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TV Review: The Strain: S3E8 White Light

the strain s2 imageThe Master’s voice emerges and proves overwhelming; Fet and Setrakian search for cargo from the Egyptian vessel; and Quinlan agrees to deal with the Ancients, but a betrayal afterward proves deadly.

The Strain begins to wrap up its third season with just a few more episodes left as various plot lines move a hell of a lot forward with some impressive events that really shake things up.

The big chunk of the story revolves around the mysterious cargo which we still don’t quite know exactly what’s inside, but Fet and Setrakian go after it while Quinlan confronts the Ancients considering it. There’s a lot of play here and you never quite know who’s on what side and if there’s going to be a betrayal or not. But, when it’s all said and done, there’s a huge shift in status quo and we really have no idea who is left standing to fight on. It’s an impressive move for the series which seems to wipe out a whole bunch of characters that most would probably say didn’t add much to the series and does so in a fashion that has your jaw drop. It’s cool to see even though it’s a rip-off of Blade II.

Eph and Dutch have their moment as we hear the Master’s voice and in a way I’m not sure where they’re going with it. It’s definitely interesting and a new direction that feels like it’s something new in the bigger war. I can make some guesses as to what I think will happen with this, but it’s interesting to me overall. There’s also some movement in the relationship front with tensions having been ramping up for some time.

My favorite part of the episode is between Angel and Gus. There’s an exploration of these two characters who have stood out the entire season and actually make the case the two deserve an entire series focused on them. There’s real character development and I was left wanting to see more of just them.

The episode is a good one bouncing back from last week’s. It moves some plot lines along and adds what feels like progress to quite a few of them. We get a bigger picture of things going on and leaves it all open enough that you never quite know where things are going and who’s on what side. It’ll be interesting to see how the season wraps up, because there’s still a hell of a lot to go.

Overall rating: 7.85