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TV Review: The Strain: S3E7 Collaborators

the strain s2 imageSetrakian creates a new plan to trap the Master as Eph and Dutch search for the Master’s “voice.” Also: Palmer fights for his life and needs Setrakian’s access to the white and Fet suffers a tough personal loss that reveals a deep family secret.

The Strain is actually somewhat slow this episode as the various parties go along their way to figure out what they’re going to do next. This all seems rather odd as it feels like they had a plan when they found out what to do with the Master. Instead of having one strong plan it feels like the team is now throwing things against the wall to see what sticks and maybe that’s part of the point.

Part of the plan thrown out there is to disrupt the signal between the Master and his minions. It’s a cool aspect and a decent one, but what Setrakian and Fet are doing confuses me. They know a silver/lead box will stop him, but they don’t seem to be really going about making that a priority.

There’s also a focus on Fet’s family’s past. It’s an odd addition to the story and one I’m not sure is important or adds much to it overall. Yes, it fleshes out the character a bit, but for now, there’s no major impact and it only adds odd coincidences.

It’s the weakest of the episodes so far this season that I can tell has a goal of giving the characters further direction, but the directions they go feel like they kind of contradict some things we already know and there’s a lot of new information that just doesn’t feel like it’s needed.

Still, there’s interesting things, especially involving Palmer, that make the episode worth watching for the greater story. On its own though, it doesn’t hold up.

Overall rating: 7.15