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TV Review: The Strain: S3E6 The Battle of Central Park

the strain s2 imageFet strikes the strigoi army at its heart and Justine tries to drive it out of Manhattan for good. Also: Gus and Angel fight for their freedom and face a moral dilemma.

The Strain actually feels like things are on the offensive and there’s some actual wins in the battle against the strigoi. A couple of stories finally merge as Gus and Angel’s journey comes together with Fet’s plan.

There’s some really great action sequences in this episode showing off the upped production values compared to the previous two seasons. There’s some big explosions, lots of gunfire, and a solid battle that’s enhanced through a great use of shadows and darkness.

But, what I really enjoy about the episode is that it’s showing actual strategy and the bigger picture. Sacrifices in one location are made as a feint so that a move can be made in another. It’s more than just one small heroic move by someone or one person’s perspective, you get an epic feel of it all.

The other thing I really enjoy is that nobody is perfect. What feels like a win and smart play is shown to be shortsighted and folks are outplayed. Folks act naturally too, they put others in danger before themselves or attempt to protect themselves and generally show fear. Again, it’s a solid change from gung-ho superheroes you might see elsewhere. In a world full of vampires these folks are very human.

“The Battle of Central Park” feels like one in the end and you see why the episode gets its title. This is one that builds throughout the hour paying off numerous times especially as it comes to an end. Again, this third season is really showing its strengths and is the best season so far with some of the best episodes yet. Looking forward to seeing what’s still to come.

Overall rating: 8.65