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Entertainment Earth Spotlight: Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E.

By the Power of Grayskull – now you have the power with the Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. from Super 7! If you grew up in the 80s, you’ll remember the popular M.U.S.C.L.E. line of figures. They’re back and you have some options as to how you want to get them.

There’s the Wave 2 Yellow 24-Pack – previously a Convention Exclusive! All 24 figures from series 1 and 2 of M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. can be yours in this fantastic boxed set recalling the big M.U.S.C.L.E. sets of the 1980s. Your keshi collecting kin will be yellow with envy when they see you have added this colorful cast of characters to your collection! Each 1 3/4-inch figure has been exquisitely sculpted by the finest in figural artisans, and this 24-pack contains: He-Man, He-Man (v. 2), Skeletor, Skeletor (v. 2), Castle Grayskull, Kobra Khan, Spikor, Battle Cat, The Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Mer-Man, Tri-Klops, Buzz-Off, Whiplash, Orko, Beast Man, Man-E-Faces, Evil-Lyn, Trapjaw, and more. You can order it now for $44.99.

I remember getting my M.U.S.C.L.E. in the trash can packaging. This features random figures in colors and retails for $19.99. And you get a lid with Skeletor’s skull face on it!

There’s also two packs that retail for just $5.99 and contains 3 figures. You can get A, B, C, or D pack.