Review: Green Lanterns #7

gls_cv7_dsJessica Cruz and Simon Baz have saved Earth from the Red Lanterns, but now they must deal with an even more fordable foe, Simon’s mother.

The issue is a cute one with a more relaxed atmosphere that acts as the quiet before the storm with what also feels like a lot of foreshadowing. Simon is back home attempting to have a normal time and being forced to bake cookies for his mother who’s visiting. The issue is he’s never told her that he’s a Green Lantern.

Writer Sam Humphries really focuses on Simon’s issues here as Baz and Cruz bond over baking and family. It’s something we haven’t seen yet for the two partners and something that’s needed. They don’t have an urgent threat right now, they need down time to talk. It adds some depth to the two of them and the way Humphries handles it is solid.

There’s also a sense of coming out, as someone might do with their family too. Simon has clearly been living a double life and that weighs on him, so he needs to reveal himself to his mother. I have no idea if Humphries meant that, but it’s an easy parallel to see.

The art by Ronan Cliquet is decent. It’s a step back from some of the other Green Lantern artists, but it’s still good overall. Some of Simon’s facial expressions feel a little off, but I think that’s due to his wearing a mask and not as much to work with in theory to really show emotions. A couple of panels really stand out, for instance, a scene with Rami meditating that has some cool details.

The issue is the quiet before the storm as a new baddie for Simon and Jessica to deal with is right around the corner. I just worry that Humphries has given is a bit too much foreshadowing and what I expect to happen will. The comic feels like the part of the story where the partner cops share something and one of them then gets shot and killed. Hopefully, I’m wrong and it’s not that predictable, but we’ll see.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Ronan Cliquet
Story: 7 Art: 7 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

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