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Tamaki and Leon Launch Jennifer Walters as Hulk

Jennifer Walters will be stepping into the role of Hulk, dropping the “she” from her name. Still traumatized and recovering from the events of Civil War II where she was beaten within inches of her life, the new series Hulk will be written by Mariko Tamaki and with art by Nico Leon.

The title She-Hulk evokes light-hearted stories about a Jennifer Walters who is at peace with herself and in full control of her powers,” says Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso. “This isn’t that book. On the other hand, the title Hulk implies all of the baggage that comes with that comic’s 50+ year history—the ongoing battle with the monster within—and that’s why it’s more appropriate for this series. Jen went through major trauma in Civil War II, and Mariko and Nico’s story will deal with the fallout of that trauma—the anxiety and anger, sometimes self-destructive, that comes along with it. If there is light at the end of the tunnel, Jen is going to have to search hard for it, and she’s going to have to battle with some pretty big monsters—including the one within—to find herself again.”

“Jen is absolutely shaped by the trauma she’s experienced,” says Tamaki. “Much of it was inspired by thinking about how different people deal with the hard things that happen in their lives, how memory, trauma, can infuse our whole being, be a physical presence in our lives. I was really into the idea of a Hulk, of the ability to transform into something close to monstrous, that’s still human, and heroic. It was interesting to think about what’s human about Hulk and vice versa.”

Tamaki is a talented writer and Skim and This One Summer are two graphic novels that are a must read if you haven’t already. Tamaki has also written TMNT: Casey & April and Tomb Raider as well as the upcoming Supergirl: Being Super miniseries from DC Comics. Leon has done a bunch of work for Marvel including Spider-Man, Spider-Woman: Omega, Ms. Marvel, and more.

Hulk #1 debuts this December.


(via AV Club)

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