Warner Brothers Turns in its Own Sites to Google

Warner_Bros._Pictures_introIf you want evidence as to how broken the takedown reporting system is, it’s being reported the Warner Bros has asked Google to remove its own site from search results. The reason? They violate their own copyright. At the same time, they’ve also asked to remove streaming services such as Amazon and Sky (both licensed digital movie portals), as well as IMDB.

It’s not Warner Bros directly asking for this, but Vobile a company whose job it is to submit takedown notices. The company files hundreds of thousands of takedown requests every month.

As reported by Torrent Freak, Vobile asked for the Batman: The Dark Knight and The Matrix websites be removed. Warner Bros owns both of those films.

There is some transparency to these requests as Google reports on them. They’ve requested close to 14 million urls to be removed, 1.7 million of which are Warner Bros requests.

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