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Review: Baltimore: Empty Graves #5


After the Blood-Red Witch disappears with Baltimore, Sofia and the others must fend off her followers while Rose and Kidd follow a new lead to find the witch and save Baltimore.

All things must end, for other things to begin. Even as the Red King enters this world, all seems lost. Yet Baltimore learns a powerful secret, but the price is high. I’m curious to see how writers Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden continue this in the next story arc, given the ending of this issue.

Dark, gory, action packed, and violent is the best way to describe the art by Peter Bergting. I will admit the Red King entering this world is a sight to behold and Bergting nails it. The artist leaves a slightly haunting impression as the vessel of Red king brings destruction in his wake.

As usual, a “Mignola” is as fantastic to look at for the art is it is entertaining to read.

Story: Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden Art: Peter Bergting
Story: 8.5 Art: 8 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review