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Caliber Comics in November 2016

In partnership with Diamond Distributors, Caliber Comics will be releasing a mix of new and familiar titles for its November schedule which are currently available to order in the September issue of Diamond Previews.

Two classics of literature, H.P. Lovecraft and Sherlock Holmes, will be featured.  In the graphic novel, Mythos: Lovecraft’s Worlds, creators Brandon Barrows and Hugo Petrus present eight tales from the original Master of Horror.  The adapted tales are from some of HP Lovecraft’s lesser works including a tale of humor that readers may not be too aware of. Go beyond tentacles, the Cthulhu and evil gods to explore the mythos of Lovecraft. DIAMOND # SEP161503

Mythos graphic novel cover 600x900

Christopher Sequeira, Philip Cornell, and Dave Elsey bring us Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Detective which is a new collection of the esteemed series from Black House Comics.  Released on newsstands in Australia, this will be the first time it is available outside of the country.  Described by writer Christopher Sequeira as “Hammer Horror meets Holmes”, the series has received numerous accolades from many Holmesian followers.  In this tale brilliant Sherlock Holmes is plunged into a case of Gothic terror as he investigates horrific deaths that suggest an improbable monster. Only Holmes can stop the shadows from swallowing London and only his single remaining friend can stop the shadows from swallowing him. DIAMOND # SEP161506

Dark Detective Diamond cover

For the first time, the acclaimed series of Squalor from New York bestselling writer Stefan Petrucha and the legendary artist Tom Sutton, will be available in trade paperback.  Welcome to A-Time. Not another dimension, not a parallel world, but your very own neighborhood without linear time! Here past, present, and future merge like expressway off-ramps. Originally released from First Comics as a mini-series, the collection has been restored in full color which also features the work of Harvey Award nominee, Paul Mounts. DIAMOND # SEP161507

Squalor Diamond cover

Boy Zero is an all new original graphic novel dealing with a serial killer that murders to the tune of a soundtrack that has the citizens of Glass City terrified. As an aging Detective Drekker investigates, he is pulled back into his first case dealing with another serial killer from over 20 years ago. When the music stops, people die. Written by Charles Chester and illustrated by Shiloh Penfield. DIAMOND # SEP161502

Boy Zero Diamond cover

From film-maker Danny Boyd comes Salt, a full color original graphic novel that follows the events of his very successful Carbon graphic novel.  The world is set afire and a unique burning coal threatens to bring an inferno hotter than the world has ever seen.  As a group of miners seek the red salt, they are pursued by the Sheve, the ancient guardians of the forever burning coal.  Predrag Ivanovic and Gary Scott Beatty provide the graphics and colors. Diamond will be re-offering the Carbon original graphic novel also. DIMAOND # SEP161504


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