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Baltimore Comic-Con Media Guests Announcements and Details

unnamedJoin the 2016 Baltimore Comic-Con at the Baltimore Convention Center the weekend of September 2-4, 2016 for our biggest show yet. Tickets are available now for General Admission, VIP, and the Harvey Awards!

Unfortunately, Candice Patton’s filming schedule has affected her show schedule, and she will be appearing late in the day on Saturday for signatures. Photos, autograph opportunities, and her panel will be held on Sunday. Please look below for details on her schedule.

Sean Astin will attending the show on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th. His vast body of work includes the Lord of the Rings trilogy, starring as Mikey Walsh in The Goonies, and the title character of Rudy. He also voices Raphael on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Catch his spotlight panel on Saturday, September 3rd at 1:30pm in the 4th floor ballroom.

Hayley AtwellHayley Atwell, who stars as Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel’s Agent Carter will attending the show on Sunday. Her spotlight panel is scheduled for Sunday, September 4th at 1pm in the 4th floor ballroom.

Kevin Eastman, 2016 Baltimore Comic-Con Guest of Honor and creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will be with us Friday and Saturday. His spotlight panel occurs on Saturday, September 3rd at 1:30pm in room 339-342.

Kristian Nairn, who is renowned for his role as Hodor in HBO’s Game of Thrones, will be with us Saturday and Sunday. You can see his spotlight panel on Saturday, September 3rd at 12:30pm in the 4th floor ballroom.

Candice PattonCandice Patton plays Iris West on CW’s The Flash, will be at the show Saturday September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th. Due to filming schedules, her schedule will be limited on Saturday to a 2 hour signing from approximately 5pm-7pm. Her spotlight panel will be in the 4th floor ballroom on Sunday, September 4th at 12:00pm.

Michael Rowe, who stars as Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot, the leader of the Suicide Squad on The CW’s Arrow, joins the Baltimore Comic-Con in 2016 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. His spotlight panel will be held on Saturday, September 3rd at 11:30am in the 4th floor ballroom.

Autograph tickets and Media Guest VIP tickets can be purchased until Thursday.

The convention also is now able to provide details on photo opportunities with celebrity guests. A professional photographer will capture your moment with your favorite star! You’ll receive an 8 x 10 photo printed out within minutes of your picture-taking. You may pre-purchase your photo op to avoid lining up to buy at the show.

Photo ops will be provided by Epic Photo Ops. Click here to pre-purchase. Photo ops will be located by the celebrity guests. Schedules and prices can be found online.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled photo op time.

Sean Astin (TMNT, Lord of the Rings, Saturday and Sunday)
10:15am-1:00pm – Signing
1:30pm-2:15pm – Panel
2:30pm-5:00pm – Signing
5:15pm – Photos
6:00pm-7:00pm – Signing
10:15am-12:00pm – Signing
12:30pm – Photos
2:00pm-5:00pm – Signing

Hayley Atwell (Captain America, Agent Carter, Sunday only)
10:00am-12:00pm – Signing
1:00pm-1:45pm – Panel
2:30pm – Photos
3:30pm-5:00pm – Signing

Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Friday and Saturday only)
2:00pm-5:00pm – Signing
5:30pm – Photos
10:00am-12:00pm – Signing
1:30pm-2:30pm – Panel
3pm – Photos
3:30pm-5:30pm – Signing

Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones, Saturday and Sunday only)
10:15am-1:15pm – Signing
12:30pm-1:15pm – Panel
2:30pm-3:45pm – Signing
3:45pm – Photos
4:30pm-6:00pm – Signing
10:15am-12:00pm – Signing
1:00pm-2:00pm – Signing
2:00pm – Photos
3:00pm-5:00pm – Signing

Candice Patton (The Flash, Saturday and Sunday only)
5:00pm-7:00pm – Signing
10:15am-11:45am – Signing
12:00pm – Panel
1:00pm-2:00pm – Photos
2:30pm-3:30pm – Signing
3:30pm-4:00pm – Photos

Michael Rowe (Arrow)
2:00pm-6:00pm – Signing
6:00pm – Photos
6:15-6:30pm – Signing
10:15am-11:30am – Signing
11:30am-12:15pm – Panel
1:30pm-2:15pm – Signing
2:15pm – Photos
2:30pm-6:00pm – Signing
10:15am-11:15am – Signing
11:15am – Photos
12:30pm-3:00pm – Signing

unnamed1In addition to the previously listed guests, the show also has a few professional wrestlers exhibiting in the hall.

Sunny, born Tamara Lynn Sytch, began her career as she was to begin her college years, managing Chris Candido in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in Tennessee. Her villainous character soon made the transition to WWE, where she started as a broadcast correspondent, but eventually teamed with Candido again to become The Bodydonnas. Her career in WWE led her to win several Slammies, increase the sale of RAW magazine to record numbers, and be named AOL’s most downloaded woman in the world of 1996. Her career after WWE led her to perform in Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling.

unnamed2Mickie James began her wrestling career as a valet on the indie circuit in 1990 before honing her own wrestling capabilities and joining NWA-TNA Joining WWE in 2005, James became a Trish Stratus-obsessed fan before going on to win WWE’s Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 22. She returned to NWA-TNA in 2010, winning the TNA Knockout Championship 3 times. Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked James as the number one female wrestler in 2009, and she was also voted Woman of the Year twice, first in 2009 and again in 2011 by readers of PWI magazine.

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