Review: Weird Detective #3


Det. Sebastian Greene fights for his life against an Innsmouth monster! And Det. Sana Fayez is hot on Greene’s trail, closer and closer to discovering his secret identity but hounded by fish-faced Mafiosi. Will they be able to survive long enough to stop the Juice Box Killer?

In Weird Detective #3 it would seem that even justice pays a price. In this case the price is corruption, not cash. Sana manages to find some of Sebastian’s secrets, but things get worse for her. Somehow Sebastian gets dragged down with. A this all forces a search for the Juice Box Killer, on foot. Writer Fred Van Lente manages to pack a lot into this issue moving the stroy along at a solid pace.

The end panel by artist Guiu Vilanova stresses the weird out in this strangely awesome title. The art is a nice balance between the strange Lovecraftian like creatures and crime noir. Vilanova manages to contrast them in superb fashion, as things get increasingly weird with each issue.

Story: Fred Van Lente Art: Guiu Vilanova
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review