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Gen Con Continues to Grow with a Record Setting 2016

gen con featuredGen Con continues to grow and saw a record-setting convention this year. 2015 saw over 400 exhibitors while 2016 boasted over 500. The convention continued its streak of turnstile growth. This year saw 201,852 attendees, up from last  year’s 197,695. The unique attendance dipped a little with 60,819 individuals compared to last year’s 61,423.

The convention made some changes in how badges were sold as well as space used. A new pricing structure for 4-day badges increased the value of the show for attendees. The convention expanded its exhibit hall taking over some of the gaming hall. There was also growth into Lucas Oil Stadium where anime screenings and the True Dungeon were held. This helped traffic flow allowing for ease of movement on the show floor and creating more space for gaming for attendees.

There was also a record number of events with the number of events at the convention, surpassing 16,500 ticketed events. The pre-show Trade Day program, held on August 3, once again sold out with more than 550 participants. Gen Con’s official charity partner of 2016, The PourHouse, will receive more than $35,000 from donations created from on-site programming, including a large contribution from Mayfair Games.

The convention drives an estimated $71 million into the city of Indianapolis.

The convention returns next year to Indianapolis, August 17-20, to celebrate the historic Gen Con 50.

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