Rebirth Review: Comics Released 8/3

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you can’t have missed DC‘s line-wide relaunch-of-sorts Rebirth. Last week we took a look at whether the comics released on 7/27 had been new reader friendly, and proceeded to give each a simple rating based on how easy it was for new readers to pick them up. All comics will have a Friendly/Unfriendly rating based solely on the issues released in the newly ongoing series, with more consideration given for the specific issue being read when it comes to the final rating. The comics won’t receive an overall grade out of ten, although some of them may be covered in our weekly Mini Reviews feature (no promises). That said, the quality may be commented on if it directly hampers the ease with which new readers can dive into the story.

So shall we get to this week’s Rebirth comics?

BM_Cv4_ds copyBatman #4
If you’ve been reading the series, you’re in for a treat here. This is a series that improves issue over issue, but if you’re starting with issue #4 then you’ll find it to be on the wrong side of the Unfriendly line. If you started on the second or third issue then you’ll be fine, however, and I strongly encourage you to check those earlier issues out. A great comic book, but perhaps not a ideal jumping on point – but then the fourth part of any story is likely not ideal to start with. But if you have been reading the series already you can drop the “un” part of the above rating, because this series is still very new reader Friendly.

Green Arrow #4
No matter if you’ve read the first three issues or not, you’re not going to know what happened between Ollie Queen and another character; maybe it was covered in the Rebirth special, maybe not – I didn’t read it so I don’t honestly know. That said, because I haven’t read any Green Arrow before this series (this comic marks my fourth Green Arrow comic), and still haven’t finished the most recent Arrow season, I feel comfortable in saying that if you’ve been reading the series then it remains friendly, but this issue is perhaps not the best jumping on point right now, making this border into Unfriendly territory.

Harley Quinn #1
It’s a number #1, right, so it should be accessible for new readers, right? Harley Quinn #1 is really not my cup of tea, so it’s tough to say whether it’s accessible to new readers – but I don’t think it is based on how much I felt I needed to try and pick upon going into the comic. In all fairness, I know literally nothing about the events of her solo series, and I think that’s part of the reason hampering my enjoyment here because aside from the immediate story content, I felt quite lost at times making this an Unfriendly issue if it’s your first Harley comic.

Justice League #2
Seeing as how I had no idea what was happening last issue… I kind of expected to be lost  here. But I wasn’t. This was a far more Friendly comic than last issue, leading me to believe that issue #1’s confusion was very deliberate.

Nightwing #2
Uh… probably more Friendly  than not, this series has a lot of baggage from Grayson that may end up hampering new readers own the road, but right now we’re still okay. Just.

SM_Cv4_open_order_varSuicide Squad Rebirth #1
A timely introduction to the squad which is very Friendly to new readers, with the elevator pitch behind the Suicide Squad happening between the woman who controls the team and somebody… who’s not too keen on them. It was a fun way to catch up with the who and why of the team.

Superman #4
Another comic that straddles the line of accessibility simply because it’s the fourth part of the story, but there’s a useful point-of-view moment from a street level character that tips this more to the Friendly side of things if the is your first issue in the new series. Obviously the ssame goes if you’ve been on board since issue #1

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