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Rebirth Review: Comics Released On 7/27

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you can’t have missed DC‘s line-wide relaunch-of-sorts Rebirth. Last week we took a look at whether the comics released up until 7/13 had been new reader friendly, and proceeded to give each a simple Friendly/Unfriendly rating based on how easy it was for new readers to pick them up. Although I missed a couple of issues (Detective Comics #934 and Action Comics #957), for the most part the newly relaunched series have been quite accessible to new readers – especially Action Comics despite not having read the first issue post relaunch. The Rebirth specials didn’t fair as well (although some were missed, most notably Flash Rebirth #1), but the two that were less accessible felt like standalone one shots (Batman Rebirth #1) or the events were explained better elsewhere (Justice League Rebirth #1 can be avoided if you’re reading Superman or Action Comics), and nor did they give a good sense of the characters involved.

All comics will have a Friendly/Unfriendly rating based solely on the issues released in the newly ongoing series, but the comics won’t receive an overall grade out of ten (you can find my thoughts on the overall quality of them here). That said, the quality may be commented on if it directly hampers the ease with which new readers can dive in, but only in passing.

So shall we get to this week’s Rebirth comics?


AC_Cv960_open_order_varAction Comics #960
Part four of a story typically shouldn’t be as accessible as the first three to newer readers, yet this just  manages it. If this is your first comic you’ve read in this series, you shuld be okay, but if you’ve read at least one of the others then you’ll be right at home with the plot points brought to the foreground in this Friendly comic.

Detective Comics #937
Probably the most Friendly comic yet in this series, but it’s the same deal as Action Comics #960 – reading a previous issue does help. But with Detective Comics #937 focusing almost entirely on the action, this would be a fun comic to read regardless of whether you’ve read previous issues.

Flash #3
A decent comic that remains Friendly if you’ve been reading the series, and isn’t that hard to catch up on if you’re new to the scarlet speedster.

HJFLC_Cv1_dsHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1
If you haven’t read the Rebirth special then you should be okay. .All you need to know as the comic opens is that there’s only one Green Lantern left in the universe (take a guess who), aside from the two on Earth, and he’s looking for the others. There are some characters that I’m utterly unfamiliar with, but I never once felt lost in this comic so it’s certainly a Friendly one – which a first issue really should be, eh?

Nightwing #1
Well, Dick Grayson is back in tights, and seems to be back to globe-trotting around the place. Whether you’ve read the Rebirth special or not, this isn’t the most friendly of comics. Because the story doesn’t really move forward too much, the comic feels like another recap issue that we didn’t necessarily need. Maybe because this isn’t the greatest comic around, Nightwing #1 is a touch more on the Unfriendly side of things, which is a genuine shame.

REDHOTOREB_Cv1_dsRed Hood And The Outlaws Rebirth #1
Sometimes a comic surprises you, and this was a prime example of that. Not only was this one of the better DC comics this week (or at least of the ones I’ve read), but it’s a fantastic way to introduce new readers to the Red Hood, making this an incredibly Friendly comic.

Titans #1
Picking up almost right where the Rebirth special left off makes this a touch harder to get into if you haven’t at least googled the previous events (but you get the gist of things here anyway), but it’s by no means impossible. Titans #1  does a great job at establishing the characters relationships for those unfamiliar with them, so I’d say this is a Friendly comic overall.

Wonder Woman #3
Part two of the story that began in the first issue (and, out of the two currently running stories, that was my least favourite) really picks things up. It’s probably a touch Unfriendly if you haven’t read the first issue, but – and forgive me for verging on review territory here – it’s a brilliant looking comic that’s actually quite good. Far better than the first issue, it’s just not ideal to begin reading here.



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