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Demo-Graphics: The State of DC Entertainment

With San Diego Comic-Con about to begin we’re looking at the demographic data for various publishers and comics. We’ve already posted Facebook‘s general stats, and tomorrow will be Marvel, followed by Indie comics, and the industry as a whole. Up now is DC Entertainment.

This statistic breakdown, we’ve looked at terms like DC Comics and Vertigo Comics, but not specific comic series or characters. It’s a focus on DC Entertainment and its publishing imprints. Think of it as looking at the DC brand.

Facebook DC Comics Fan Population: Over 11,000,000 US

DC Comic’s stats have shifted in interesting ways since 2015. Last year the population stood at 12 million individuals, so the overall population has shifted some. In 2014 it was 7.6 million, so it’s still up compared to two years ago.

In 2014 Spanish speakers accounted for 14.55%, 2015 it was 14.17%, and in 2015 it’s now 18.18% with 2 million individuals.

Gender and Age

In 2014, men accounted for 68.18% and women were 28.64% of the DC population. In 2015 men accounted for 73.33% and women were 27.50%. In 2016 we see a hell of a change with 56.36% of the population being male and 40% female.

The general comic population is men accounting for 54.76% and women account for 45.24%, so DC isn’t that far off from that.

And here’s the stats in a handy pie-chart.

DC Facebook gender 7.18.16And here’s how gender shapes up by percent over age. Compared to last year this graph has changed a lot. Women never become a majority last year but this year we see women overtaking men and becoming a majority at the 50-53 age range. This is a bit older than the general comics population which is at 42-45.

Last year men spiked at 26-29 and this year men spike at 30-33, a bit older. There has been a shift.

dc facebook gender age 7.18.16Compared to last year there’s been a drop in raw population for those under the age of 38. Those under 17 dropped a lot, close to 800,000 individuals. While women saw a big leap in the overall population, those under the age of 17 gained just 0.15 percentage points.

dc facebook gender age raw 7.18.16Relationship Status

While a lot of the relationship status is similar to last year, those that are “Single” saw the largest drop while those “In Relationships” and “Married” saw gains when it comes to their percentage.

dc facebook relationship status 7.18.16Education

With a smaller population than last year the raw numbers have dropped, but the percentages generally remain the same. There is a drop with younger individuals which can be expected due to that loss of them as mentioned above.

dc facebook education 7.18.16Gender Interest

There’s been some very interesting shifts when it comes to percentages comparing this year and last year. Men interested in Men, Women interested in Women, and Women interested in both Men and Women are all up. Men interested in Men and Women is just down slightly.

dc facebook gender interest 7.18.16Ethnicity

Here things are a bit better too compared to last year, but not by a whole lot. African Americans remain the same in overall population, but African American women went up about 17 percentage points. Asian Americans increased by 50,000 since last year with women almost doubling. Hispanics increased by 100,000 since last year with those saying their bilingual seeing the largest increase. In fact, those who identify as bilingual and those who are English dominant flipped in the overall population size.

dc facebook ethnicity 7.18.16Generation

Baby Boomers and Generation X both increased in overall population while Millennials saw a drop since last year.

dc facebook generation 7.18.16Come back tomorrow when we’ll look at stats for Marvel!

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