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TV Review: Gotham S2E20 Unleashed

Gotham Season 2

Azrael is on the loose in Gotham City, which sparks Penguin’s need for revenge. Bruce enlists the help of Selina Kyle, who is reunited with Firefly/Bridgit, in an attempt to help track down Professor Strange.

Gotham has just a few episode left and while the last couple of episodes have shown a lot of improvement from a rather ho-hum season, this episode takes steps back while also taking steps forward in some way.

There’s a lot I like including Bullock and Gordon’s friendship and Bullock stepping up to lead the Gotham Police Department. There’s also some solid moments for Alfred who on this shown has stepped up as much more than just a butler or a mechanic. He is a protector who has seen some action.

Also solid is Penguin taking a stand against Azrael and showing his disdain for theatrics. Moments with the Riddler are humorous too.

Gordon really steps up taking control of things in many ways and doing what he knows is right, even if he isn’t a police officer anymore.

All of this is good. The flow of the episode. The look of everything. There’s some great building up to the last 15 minutes of the episode and then that ending happens…. and it’s so over the top, it feels laughable. Not even entertaining, just eye rolling laughable.

Add in the stupidity that is Bruce Wayne. Here he does his best damsel in distress impersonation with moves that we’ve seen in horror films a million times over and viewers scream when seeing. You stopped the car!? Really!?

And I think that’s my issue with the season.

There’s lots of great moments in the season. You can see where things can go so right or they do indeed go so right. And then something like the end of this episode happens. These moments are the Schumacher moments of the show where the camp is mixed with the dark and it just does not work. You wonder what the writer’s room was like when some of these ideas were thrown out there.

With just a few episodes left, we still have the eventual showdown with Strange coming. We were also promised the Court of Owls. All of these things I can do without. I just want a consistently watchable show, because this episode was just painful at times.

Overall Rating: 7.05


  • D’oh. It would be illegal for him to drive it off the property without a license. Geez. :-) Batman certainly wouldn’t break the law, now, would he?

    • Ha! I’m pretty sure you’d be ok if you just explain an immortal psycho is attempting to kill you. Plus, he’s Bruce Wayne! He’s broken the law god knows how many times this season, and keeps being let off when caught by cops.