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TV Review: The Flash S2E19 Back to Normal

The Flash Season 2Griffen Grey, a meta-human with super strength, mistakes Harry for Earth-1 Harrison Wells, kidnaps him and demands that Wells cure him from his current condition.

The Flash does some solid as it focuses on two main stories in this episode. There’s Caitlin being kidnapped by Zoom on Earth-2 and there’s the fact Barry no longer has his power so can’t do his thing as the Flash.

The episode does a decent job as it brings a classic Flash story to television by having Barry lose his powers and then figure out what to do next. This involves his having to rescue Wells and deal with a new meta-human.

That meta-human is also a solid reflection of Barry as the Flash and his power. Not everything is good and the powers come with a price. It’s a solid juxtaposition done rather subtly.

The episode is a solid translation of the story and you can see everyone trying to figure out what to do next and how they deal with the meta-human isn’t too shocking. Nothing on that part is all that ground breaking.

What is good is Caitlin on Earth-2 who also meets Killer Frost. A lot of that is interesting and seeing the two characters deal with each other is very entertaining. But, the bigger is how Zoom intervenes at certain points. How they’re playing off Hunter is really solid and they seem to make him crazier and crazier with each episode.

The series is speeding along to the season finale which looks to be an exciting one in many ways.

Overall Rating: 8.15

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