Dan DiDio Clarifies the Interconnected DC Rebirth Stories

New-DC-Logo_BlueA certain sensationalist website reported over the weekend that DC’s Rebirth would have a two year plotline that would weave in and out of the various books, a rather tight continuity that would involve every storyline in every book.

Well, that’s not exactly the case as happens in games of telephone and DC co-publisher Dan DiDio took to Facebook to clarify what’s up:

Before anyone else goes jumping to the wrong conclusion, let me be clear, there is a long term story planned for the DCU but, by no means, does it include every story line from every series. Not only does that sound silly and overwhelming, but would be nearly impossible to manage.

Rebirth highlights the strengths of our characters, building on what makes them special and individualistic and we expect their stories will do the same.

The DC Universe Special on May 25 perfectly sets up the sense of a shared universe and the uniqueness of our characters. Many questions will be answered as new questions arise. So, If you really want to know what’s happening in the DCU, don’t miss that book.

All the best, DD

Hope that makes a bit more sense now… put the pitchforks down.

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