Kill La Kill Manga Volume 2 in Stores Now

Kill la KillTime to strap on your Goku Uniforms, Kill la Kill fans: the next volume in your favorite action-packed manga series is headed your way this month! UDON Entertainment has announced that Kill la Kill Vol. 2 is already on shelves NOW at local comic stores and will be available at various physical and online retailers later this month, on April 20th.

Based on the critically acclaimed anime series, Kill la Kill has quickly become one of UDON’s most wildly successful manga properties, with the first volume already on its third printing! Kill la Kill Vol. 2 sees transfer student Ryuko Matoi – now armed with Senketsu, an exceptionally powerful Kamui uniform – taking the fight directly to Honnouji Academy and its totalitarian leaders! But even with these newfound powers, will Ryuko be a match for the student council president herself, Satsuki Kiryuin? The answers to those questions and more await within the pages of Kill la Kill Vol. 2!

Kill la Kill Vol. 2 is available now at local comic retailers, with a wide release for other physical and online retailers scheduled for April 20th. Kill la Kill is also available digitally via comiXology, with Vol. 1 out now and Vol. 2 releasing, once again, on April 20th.