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TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1E10 Progeny

Legends of Tomorrow PosterIn DC’s Legends of Tomorrow the team is divided over killing a 14-year-old boy who will grow to be a powerful ally for Savage.

This episode is an interesting one, the most interesting one so far, in that it begins to examine the actions individuals are willing to take to prevent the horrific future from happening. It also shows off the individual driving forces for many of the characters, such as Rip. It’s almost pounded into our heads in this episode that Rip is more interested in bringing back his son and he’d be willing to betray or even compromise the mission of completely stopping Savage.

The episode also shows some time traveling flaws with some statements made by Ray Palmer, and those flaws had me questioning the “time travel rules” the series is working on.

There’s a nice guest appearance that is a fun addition and someone I hope we see more of, but the eventual reveal of that guest appearance kind of falls flat.

The episode overall is a decent one in that it focuses on some of the various relationships going on such as Kendra/Ray, Mick/Leonard, and Rip and his family. Also the group dynamic and their morals are explored as everyone debates what they should do about a child. Seeing that debate is an interesting one as lines are drawn and moral lines are set. I’m sure we’ll see some of those lines play out more in the future (or is it the past?). And that to me is the most interesting part of this particular episode and hopefully something we see more of. The episode in it’s basic form is the debate about killing baby Hitler. A simple concept done really well.

The episode is a decent one with some good writing for parts of it, but some twists are rather predictable. It also is not a nice tidy result in the end which also feels like a nice decision, to have our heroes mess things up even more.

There’s some decisions here that have an impact and between that and the moral lines laid out, this is one of the more solid episodes.

Overall Rating: 7.6

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