Loot Crate’s Firefly Cargo Crate “Everything is Shiny” Review

I remember watching Firefly, when it is was on TV, and never being more captivated by the mere concept, a dystopian world, where the universe goes through a civil war, here it had huge ramifications where most people speak Chinese, and rugged rogues like Mal Reynolds and Zoe Washburn, are not merely heroes that were on the losing side of a war, but everything the world believes an underdog is. I was one of many who were heartbroken, once the TV shows ended, and yearned, and actually yearns for the continuing adventures which have been sufficed by a sufficing movie and excellent comic book series, but still the world needs more. With the advent of subscription boxes, there have many catering to genre fans, but usually most of these boxes have mostly items that speak directly to the subscriber, but not all of it. Enter Loot Crate’s Firefly Cargo Crate, aims to fill that  universe size hole in our heart, let us see , if it s does that.

Exteriors of the box

This really cool Kaylee porcelain figurine:

kaylee figure

This first box is definitely Kaylee centered:

A promo for the board game:

firefly boardgame promo

Exclusive figurine of Simon:

firefly simon

Overall, an excellent fist box, I am guessing they will be doing more boxes centered, who definitely keeps the nostalgia stoked.