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TV Review: Arrow S4E17 Beacon of Hope

arrowBrie Larvan breaks out of jail and turns up at a Palmer Tech threatening to kill everyone unless she gets the bio-chip that is implanted in Felicity’s spine.

Arrow has some high points in this episode and lots of low points as well. Again, we see a show that has a lot of potential and doesn’t quite live up to any of it.

The episode basically has some of Team Arrow’s women playing damsels in distress running from Larvan’s bees.

The big thing in this episode is Curtis who takes on a bigger role and I guess is now officially part of Team Arrow after he discovers everyone’s secret. He’s a nice addition and his enthusiasm and excitement is the highlight of the episode.

What’s not so good is again taking a series issue that can and should be explored but not diving much into it. In this case it’s Larvan’s motives as to why she’s attacked Felicity and wants the technology. There could be a great discussion about the medical treatment of inmates, or the population as a whole, or about the cost of medical treatments, or how it takes so long to get medical treatments into the market. Any of these would be perfect to discuss and none are. We basically get a thief who wants to steal a chip. Great opportunity for discussion and not used to its potential.

The episode is really about Curtis and getting him as part of the team. Hopefully we see him more as he’d be a solid replacement for Felicity. I’m sure we’ll see more and an eventually twist to Curtis’ more known comic book persona.

The episode isn’t bad and is fun in many ways. But, when you think about what it does, it’s pretty thin.

Overall rating: 6.8

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  • This episode felt like Arrow found its feet agin, actually, after stumbling around looking for tomorrow.

    • Yeah, I can see that. It definitely felt a bit more focused. I think it just missed a good opportunity to do something interesting and gave us an empty episode. It continued some of my issues this season like the poor use of Felicity, especially after she was injured. Again opportunity for something interesting and just didn’t happen.

      • Yea, it doesn’t have the reach of the second season, for sure. Like the writers are still looking for something for the characters to do, and at the same time, in a bit of a rush to finish things. I suppose without having to oblige the world building they had to do there would have been time for more of that kind of character angst you seem to want.