TV Review: The Flash S2E17 Flash Back

The Flash Season 2Barry becomes determined to get back to Earth-2 to stop Zoom, but he realizes he needs to increase his speed. He travels back in time and masquerades as his earlier staff to get his arch-nemesis Dr. Harrison Wells to teach him how to run faster.

The Flash does some time travel jujitsu with Barry heading back into time to attempt to learn how to increase his speed from the original bad Dr. Wells. This all goes south with Wells quickly catching on, Barry trying not to mess up the time stream, and a weird “time Wraith” chasing Barry. It’s all very strange and feels like a filler episode and way to change some small things here and there.

What’s really strange is after this past Monday’s appearance of The Flash on Supergirl, the episode is just not as fun as past ones. There was a bit of magic and happy fun in that episode that’s not here.

The episode is best described as mopey in many ways and a bit nostalgic in some others. It’s not a bad episode, but can’t say it’s a really good one, partially because besides Monday there’s been so many before.

Now, the episode does open up a bunch of possibilities in the future with some changes we see right away. What else has changed will be a big mystery and some of the fun going forward, but getting there things were a bit messy.

Overall Rating: 7.1

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