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TV Review: The Flash S2E16 Trajectory

The Flash Season 2Barry and the team head out for a night on the town only to encounter an unexpected speedster who is up to no good. Meanwhile, Iris is challenged by an assignment from her new boss and is suprised when friction turns to flirtation.

The Flash does some fun things tonight pitting Barry against another speedster named Trajectory. The episode has a bit of fun with the speed going against each other as it has done in the past when he fought Zoom.

What I really enjoy about the episode is that the Flash is put over a few times by his newest nemesis. It’s good to see him getting one-upped by a female villain and one who’s using similar powers.

I wish Trajectory was a bit more fleshed out, but there’s enough there in what we’re given to make things a bit interesting and with a twist towards the end of the episode, who knows what we’ll see coming down the road.

The fact Trajectory wasn’t too fleshed out is partly because the story is really about the Velocity 9 and the impact of it on speedsters. Barry struggles with the fact this is out there and he wants to use it to take on Zoom, a quick solution. It’s a nice episode that adds to the longer story and gives us a villain we’ll hopefully see again.

The episode is a good one (Opal City shout out!) in it does a solid mix of introducing a new speedster and gives us massive movement on the Zoom storyline. There’s some big revelations towards the end as the team comes together to discuss what’s going on and the implications will be interesting. The episode gets us going towards the rest of the season and it looks to be an interesting one.

Overall Rating: 7.8

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