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Webcomics Weekly: Who Is The Girl

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s spotlight on webcomics, where we take a look at one of the many comics available online every Monday: Webcomics Weekly (but don’t be fooled by the “weekly” part of the title; the feature may happen more or less frequently than that). We’re defining webcomics as any comics published online for free consumption by the general public that doesn’t require a  subscription service.

This week we’re taking a look at Who Is The Girl. The strip is created by Cary Polkovitz, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the webcomic below.

Graphic Policy: In a nutshell, can you tell us what the strip’s about?

Cary Polkovitz: Who Is The Girl is meant to be a companion piece to the graphic novel Genius Loci due out later this year.  Genius Loci is the “director’s cut” of the book UKIYO which debuted in limited release in December 2015. Who Is The Girl is about a young woman who is attempting to be a webcam star. The story takes place in the near future and contains some cyberpunk elements. It does deal with some “mature” themes (sex, drug use, violence) but what doesn’t these days?

GP: How often do you update?

CP: Who Is The Girl updates every Wednesday.

GP: How long have you been producing the strip?

CP: I’ve been producing Who Is The Girl for about three months now, but the graphic novels UKIYO and Genius Loci were started three years ago.

GP: Where did the idea for the strip come from?

CP: The strip was initially intended to be a sort of advertising for the graphic novel, but it took on a life of its own as I wrote it. I really allowed me to incorporate more ideas than I felt comfortable including in the printed book. To really go back, the characters were in their infancy when I drew and produced my first comic series Nau Headhunter (through NeoTek Iconography) in the early 1990s.  I always had a soft spot for the characters and was just kind of waiting for inspiration to strike for a story that I felt was worth telling with them. Of course the characters have changed quite a bit over 20 years but they were definitely the inspiration for this story. I launched a kickstarter for a print accompaniment to

Why it’s awesome: Who Is The Girl goes beyond the traditional webcomic interface, and really incorporates a multimedia experience into the reading(?) experience. On top of that, there’s a fantastic greyscale art style here that looks sophisticated and incredibly honest and raw, without ever loosing any of the detail. Who Is The Girl is certainly on the darker side of things, but don’t let that discourage you – this is a webcomic that could work just as well in print as it does online.

Below you’ll find two strips that were originally posted to the site. Enjoy!


And the second;


If you’d like to have your webcomic featured here, then drop us an email.

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