Telltale’s Batman Gets Some More Details

Telltale Games BatmanTeased a bit ago Telltale Games has revealed some details at their SXSW panel, “Batman: Telltale Unmasked.” While specifics were scarce, the company did reveal that we should expect some more news during Summer 2016.

This is the second video game the company has done based on a DC comic property, the first being The Wolf Among Us. They also have done a few games based on The Walking Dead.

The panel did say the game would be rated “M” and would focus more on Bruce and is pulling things from the character’s 75 year history. As Bruce Wayne you’ll attempt to help Gotham using Wayne Enterprises, but like previous Telltale games not every choice will always have the best outcome for him or him as the Dark Knight. You’ll deal with what you do as Wayne as Batman as well and deal with what you do as Batman as Bruce Wayne.

While not really related, the company also said they are still working on a Marvel game which will see release in 2017.