Review: Superman: American Alien #5

Superman American Alien #5 CoverNow regularly patrolling the skies of Metropolis as an anonymous figure known to some as “the flying man,” 24 year old Clark Kent has become a local celebrity. But when he overhears a report on his police scanner about a 20-foot-tall purple monstrosity that’s tearing the city apart…Clark encounters real power for the first time.

Writer Max Landis has been breaking down the basics of Superman with each issue focusing on an aspect about the character and taking us throughout his life. Last issue had him coming to Metropolis and in this issue his alter ego is starting to emerge as he dons an outfit that’s a combo of Jet from Rust and Batman (which is a great nod to last issue).

The issue is focused on of why Superman does what he does. What drives him, and what goes through his mind? It’s an interesting read that mixes in some decent action with Clark and Lois chatting and Superman’s first confrontation with Lex Luthor. It might seem a bit shallow in discussion and simplistic as to Superman’s motivation, but I still found myself lingering at times, especially in Lois and Clark’s chats. Landis is clearly choosing his words carefully and the chats show that off.

First up when it comes to the art, can we talk about the cover by Ryan Sook? Holy crap is it good. I want this art, and I want Sook on Superman as an ongoing!

The interior art by Francis Manapul is awesome. Manapul is a favorite artist of mine and I find his style is amazing when it comes to action, especially motion. He goes to town with some amazing design, but just fantastic art. What I think surprised me was Manapul with the quieter moments of Lois talking to Clark, it just pops and the small motions each make, their body position tell as much of the story as the words.

This series continues to impress me, and is easily the best Superman comic on the market right now. It has rarely faltered and kept me entertained while exploring the character. Such a fantastic series and I’m looking forward to the final two issues and see where Landis takes us.

Story: Max Landis Art: Francis Manapul Cover: Ryan Sook
Story: 8.4 Art: 8.6 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review