TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E13 The Same Boat

walking-dead-5 photoMaggie and Carol are held captive by a couple members of the Saviors as Rick and his team are unsure of what to do.

The Walking Dead‘ brings the episode down a notch to more of a micro focus with an episode that’s really a small play in many ways. It’s in direct contrast to last week’s episode’s grand stage and action.

The episode is very much about Maggie and Carol who are captive and must deal with trying to survive. What the episode is really a focus on is Carol, this is hers in every way.

Like last episode, we saw Carol reflecting on the people she’s killed and you could tell Morgan was having an impact on her. So, how is she going to deal with these three individuals with her new found beliefs? That’s the center of the episode. The reality that in this new world you need to kill to survive. Or do you? It’s clear all of that is catching up with Carol, especially with the guile she’s displayed last season and this one.

The episode is a fascinating one, dialed back in many ways. It’s a character study where this series does some of its best work and this episode is no exception. This season has been as much about Carol as it has anyone and seeing her evolve over these last couple of episodes has been amazing in character development.

And this is another episode that shows how good the series can be.

Overall rating: 8.65

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