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TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1E8 Night of the Hawk

Legends of Tomorrow PosterIn DC’s Legends of Tomorrow eighth episode the team tracks Savage to a small town in Oregon in the 1950s where a recent string of murders has occurred and they suspect Savage is involved.

This first season has definitely been uneven and taken a bit to get its footing. While some episodes have been stronger when they don’t focus on the threat that is Vandal Savage this episode actually shines dealing with him in a new way.

Instead of just focusing on stopping him, the episode has a bit of an X-Files twist with a monster of the week focus and the murder of a few folks in a small town. It turns out some kids have been turned into winged creatures and Savage is behind it. But, it takes a bit to be clear as to what his role is.

This riff on 50s monster stories instead of just going straight after Savage with some plan makes the episode a solid deviation from what’s come before and shows the series can actually do a lot, especially when you take into account the previous episode that saw the team stranded in space.

The team in the 50s is entertaining and the show does an ok job at addressing racial issues of the time, though it’d have been nice if it did that a bit more. But, it’s a great thing that the writers recognized that it’d be an issue, as well as showing a gap between where some of the characters are in their experiences.

The episode is definitely a high note for the series so far, and shows it can have fun, mix things up, and tell it’s big story. The ending, though a bit predictable, looks to shake things up even more. More of this please!

Overall Rating: 8.4

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