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Where do Publishers Stand when it Comes to Female Fans?

It’s been quite a while since I last looked at how publishers stand when it comes to women who have indicated they like them on Facebook. We have to go back to December 2013 to see the last results, and with the kick-off of Comics Herstory, I felt it was appropriate to revisit these stats a little over 2 years later.

While some publishers continue to have women as the majority of their “fans,” others have shifted greatly.

Icon Comics, Kodansha, Tokyopop, and Yen Press all had women as the majority of their fans and continue to do so. Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment both are new to having majorities. Archie had a majority, but now the demographics are almost evenly split.

The big two saw dips across the board compared to 2013.

As a whole though when it comes to percentage, “Alternative Comics,” Webcomic, and Comics all saw gains when it comes to women.

Here’s the breakdown of below:

  • Total – this is the amount of people listed by Facebook for that term
  • US Total – the above amount, but in the United States (% is that of the US/Total)
  • Men – The amount of individuals who mark themselves as men in the US (% is that of Men/US)
  • Women – The amount of individuals who mark themselves as women in the US (% is that of Women/US)

I have also color coded the results:

  • Green – Publishers where women are a majority of their Facebook fans in the United States
  • Yellow – Publishers where women are not the majority, but are greater than our result from our latest Facebook Fandom study of all of comic book fans.

comics publishers 3.2.16

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