Review: Nowhere Men #8

nowheremen_08-1Nowhere Men #8 is the second issue of the new arc since the series returned in January following a two year hiatus. Eric Stephenson doesn’t waste any time in this issue, forcing the scientists (and the reader) to think about the moral consequences of a secret spaceship crashing and spreading a disease that could kill millions.

As with the previous issue, Nowhere Men #8 opens with a short, four page comic about Monica Strange, drawn by Emi Lenox. This Monica Strange comic is titled “Expectations,” and while it reads as Monica talking about the expectations others seem to have for her, it doesn’t seem to bear much relevance to the story. However, as Monica Strange becomes a larger part of the story (with the emphasis on her introduction and the attention paid to developing her character with miniature comics, she likely will) these interludes will hopefully begin to fall into place within the story.

This issue is light on Simon Grimshaw villainy, instead playing up the conflict within the group of WorldCorp scientists. The main issue is something that has been brewing under the surface since Kurt began his transformation, and that is the divisive physical difference between those who have visibly mutated and those who have more “invisible” powers, so to speak. It will be interesting to see where this takes the story, especially given the fact that nobody knows how far the virus has spread. That, as well as Emerson Strange’s fate, hang in the balance.

Another unknown is Thomas Walker. His appearance at the end of Nowhere Men #7 was brief, and his intentions are anyone’s guess. Very little time progresses during this issue, but reading it is akin to watching puzzle pieces being laid out.

Dave Taylor continues to rock the art, and has created some especially cool sequences during a scene with Dr. Susan Queen. Emi Lenox’s illustrations for the short Monica Strange comics are a standout, and give Monica a depth that rounds out her much more clinical in-story personality.

If the last issue of Nowhere Men felt like the calm before the storm, #8 seemed to ripple the waters a bit, and the comic continues to excite.

Story: Eric Stephenson Art: Dave Taylor and Emi Lenox
Story: 7.9 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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