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#ComicTalk Roundup: Kickstarter Special II Learn How to Make a Comic Kickstarter

CbwWNduW8AA-yvlTwitter has become a modern day version of the debates and discussions that were once the domain of brick and mortar comic shops. Each Sunday sees a new discussion in #ComicTalk hosted by @JamieMeWrites. A series of questions are asked with individuals Tweeting their thoughts. Beginning at 10:00am PST (1800 GMT) the discussion is often insightful and allows a free form of ideas about the comic industry to flow.

I’ll be playing around with the format for this, so please be patient for the first couple, and that includes as to what is chosen as responses featured. This time each question has it’s own page. If you like this format better or worse, please comment and let us know!

This week’s topic?

Learn How to Make a Comic Kickstarter!


Who are you, what do you do and where can we find you?

General Marvel