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TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1E2 Pilot, Part 2

Legends of Tomorrow PosterDC’s Legends of Tomorrow second episode has the team battling Vandal Savage, and Atom’s suit fals off and lands in the wrong hands. That has Stein realizing the best way to retrieve it is by contacting his younger self. Meanwhile, Snart and Rory plan to steal a key element in defeating Savage.

I think with this second episode we start to see where this series is going to go off the rails, and how it can do that so easily. With the concept of time travel, and all of time at their disposal, one has to wonder why the team wouldn’t kill Savage when he was weakest, for example when he was born, instead of a convoluted plan. Or even better, just get everyone and go stop him.

I think some the issues as well is that some of the characters are just not likeable, a lot of the characters have these issues actually. It’s not that they’re bad guys or do bad things, most are just irritating, have few redeemable qualities or feel useless. Hawkman leads the charge with his machismo and stalkerish sexism.

This second episode is a bit better than the first, as it has some more enjoyable moments and the acting and fx are a little better, but still, the series is lacking, especially when compared to the best of the bunch The Flash. The fight scenes as well have devolved across all three shows with badly choreographed action that feels like it’s planned a bit too much and lacks a smooth flow that feels natural.

The second episode is only slightly better than the first, but still the series has a long way to go before I’d call it quality television.

Overall Rating: 7.1

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  • I have to agree. I like it, but it isn’t great. These characters were good when they appeared as supporting players in their shows, but to carry this one? I’m still on the fence. And of course they can’t just go back and stop him before he’s immortal, that would mess up the origin of the Hawks :) But you are right, it does have a ways to go to becoming a must see, but for now, eh I don’t mind it.

    • Yeah, it’s in my middle ground. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It has potential.

      I fear it’s going to become a thing where they wind up in some location to guest star some new character in their version of a monster of the week spin.