‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Deserves More Nominations


It’s that time of the year again — Christmas is knocking on the door, the snow and cold start creeping in on the cities and towns all while we just accept the fact we will have to put up with the temperatures. But fear no more, folks, because Valhalla will be waiting for you (I spray my mouth chrome and go to kill and get killed)!

Okay, I may have gone a bit cray-cray but you should too. Mad Max: Fury Road was just snubbed, no exaggeration, at the Screen Actors Guild AwardsThe post-apocalyptic film is one of my personal favourites and is not getting what it deserves. After being praised by critics for its originality in both storytelling as well as cinematography and stunts, Fury Road should be included for the following reasons:

  1. Best Director & Best Filmfury20road2002Fury Road is a visual feast, no one can deny this. From that opening shot until the very last frame of the film, you see the absolute perfection when it comes to direction. The seamless blend of practical and CGI effects, the attention to detail in each shot, the scenery, and the over-saturation are all different ingredients that ultimately combined into a truly breathtaking spectacle that apart from being a piece of marvel also shows many truths about the current state in which the world is, and how it’s controlled.
    Yes, it is shown in a hyperbolic way but the problems it tackles and the ways it solves them are reminiscent even if you don’t delve deeper under the many layers this film has and just watch it for fun; you get the feeling of something similar that you may or may not have personally gone through.

  2. Best Production Design & Make-upkhan_mad_max_whitenessMad Max is one of the two films this year that has truly impressed me aside from Mockingjay – Part 2Director George Miller and the production design crew have done a spectacular job in every sense of the word. The world-building is so captivating to watch, especially when you take into account the costumes, vehicles, setting, make-up and hairstyles. If not else, everyone remembers the flame-throwing guitarist — he is worthy of his own scene-stealer award.mad-max-fury-road-guitar-player-doof-warrior
  3. Best (Supporting) Actressbfff6cda-25dc-43b3-8fd3-3eaed3c1562aTom Hardy is great as Mad Max, however, I do agree that Fury Road was a 60% Furiosa movie and a 40% Mad Max film. That is hardly a bad thing; watching the brilliant Charlize Theron as a bad-ass hero is refreshing and to see a bit more of such a rich character is no crime at all. In addition, she is one of my personal favourite actresses in the business today — her range goes from 0 to 100 and she can deliver on every level. Plus, her robotic hand is a nice addition to her appeal.
  4. Best Editing and Cinematography835b949d-f897-4851-b577-39c5b95b1e43Let’s face it, if it weren’t for the break-neck pacing and brilliant cuts, Mad Max: Fury Road would have not been as fascinating as it is. The editor has done a remarkable job at choosing how long and how many the cuts should be. Also, Miller’s choice to go 100% saturated shows the insanity of the world in yet another way.The hands-down, best thing about the film apart from it’s many layers and messages is the cinematography — it’s astounding, gorgeous, astonishing, spectacular. The multiple wide shots of the car-chases in the desert, the fanciful fights, the incredible stunts and the setting all result in a delightful sight for the eye.What’s also a gulp of fresh air is the fact you can see what actually happens during the action sequences. Furious 7, Terminator: Genisys, Taken 3, The Gunman and countless other films just this year have decided to opt for the high frame-rate, shaky-cam action that literally gets you headache form the constant cuts. Being actually able to mull over what you see is important, so take a note.
  5. The Stuntshekhd7g1ddmnboxclncmAs of right now, I cannot think of a film with more realistic, yet over-the-top, stunts that make your jaw hit the floor and make you dig you nails into the seat (sorry, Furious 7, the car flying though the skyscrapers is physically impossible and outright ridiculous).It’s refreshing to see something new when it comes to fights on screen. We got to gaze at some really innovative techniques used in the film as they were developed specifically for it.
  6. Best Score, Sound Editing & Mixing

    Choosing Junkie XL to score the film was a smart move on George Miller’s side. His heart-thumping score gives you goosebumps any time it is on, which is what you want when you see a film of the calibre of Fury Road. Nowadays, most action films have generic soundtrack with music so uninspired that can hardly make you feel anything save for a need to turn down the volume.And last but definitely not least, the sound editing and mixing are phenomenal. The way certain scenes are approached is unique as we clearly hear the dialogue but the surroundings are still there. There is no Fantastic Four effect where during the final battle where you can easily hear they are on a soundstage just talking with no environment around them. Hence, going practical about the location is almost always the right choice.

I could go on and on about all the magnificent aspects of the film but that would make a really, really long read and I doubt any of you would like that.

Do you agree with me? Do you think Mad Max: Fury Road deserves more recognition by the awards shows? Do you have anything to add? Make sure to let me know in the comment section.



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